Monday, January 4, 2010


Are you kidding me or what? Actual LINES for Sarah Palin and her book? Young girls being interviewed and saying that “She’s a role model for us” as if that were something of which they were proud.

A role model for what? Of what? Delusional thinking that somehow results in your being catapulted into fame, power, and wealth? It’s like the Anti-Secret.

Last year I received an e-mail from an independent cosmetics rep, stating that she was putting together a notebook of accomplished women who use that particular line of makeup. The rep thought it would be a great selling point. Ok, I can see how that might be. But then she went on to say that Palin was a great role model, a woman of accomplishment. She should be on the first page. She is intelligent, successful, blahblahblahblahblah. At this point, my vision blurred.


I could not believe what I was reading. We are talking about someone who won the governorship of Alaska on beauty pageant contestant answers.

Pageant answers are ok if one is in a pageant. Never mind the utter irrelevance of such things in this day and age. Whoop and holler all you want about the beauty pageant actually being a “scholarship” of some kind. (Put aside that Carrie Prejean believes that the past-tense of “meet” is “meeted”. Maybe these scholarships are for the sixth grade, where the rest of us learned such things as the grammatical structure of our own language.)

But Sarah Palin as a role model?????

Look, gang, this is the creep who said Obama was in cahoots with terrorists. Who shoots and kills defenseless animals for sport. Who thinks that because Russia is viewable from one of the islands that she is qualified to comment on any foreign policy? She is not pro-choice. She does not understand what Free Speech actually pertains to. She does not understand the separation of church and state. This is the woman who was instrumental in inciting ugliness and potential violence against our president. Who lied about what the Public Option meant. Who simply lies and lies and lies to the point that even her former running mate has come out publically to refute the statements in her book.

And yet people are lining up and spending the night outside of book stores for a chance to meet her.

The dumbing down of America is in full force now. It is alarming. It is frightening.
For years, the best education has gone to the elite. What I learned in high school is the equivalent of what kids are learning in college now. I see high school kids who cannot add without a calculator, who have no knowledge of American history, who don’t even know who John Kennedy was.

Ya’ think that’s an accident?

The wealthiest have enjoyed the best high schools, elementary schools. And that is the way they have wanted it.


It’s easier to keep the power that way.

As my brother Roger once said, “If you cannot think, you will not question.”

So think about that.

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