Wednesday, March 3, 2010


WHERE, oh where does the Republican Party get its information?

Listening to Senator Barasso of Wyoming (If I misspelled the name, I do not care any longer, as he deserves 0 respect and consideration from any living breathing human being.) blither on while Andrea Mitchell interviewed him, I was reminded of the old ads that stated “9 out of 10 doctors recommend…”. Oh, really? Which doctors? Can you name me some names, please?

This man has the audacity, as does every member of his party, to state unequivocally, “1 in 4 people do not want health care reform. The American Public does not want this!”

Well, Senator Liar, if that is even remotely true, it is because you and your lying, self-serving colleagues have brainwashed the average person (who has an IQ of 100, let’s not forget) into believing that there our president is an illegal alien (Gee, how did he even get to the Senate?), and that health care reform as presented by the Dems, allows for death panels, and federally-funded abortions.

Well, I hate to be the one who just popped all the balloons at your miserable party, but none of this is true. We should all be done with the “death-panel “thing by now. And there is no provision for federally-funded abortions. It does not appear in the bill anywhere. It is not there.

The delusional senator (And I’m being charitable here: I don’t think for one minute that he’s actually delusional. I believe he is a flat-out liar) goes on to state that “We need to make sure people are taking better care of their health. We need to make sure that they are taking steps to stay healthy.”

If I had been within six feet of this man, I would be writing this from jail.

I just got off the phone with my dearest and oldest friend, a woman I have known since we were 8 years old. A woman who is as close to me as my own sister, if not closer. She has had a double-mastectomy, and just had radioactive beads inserted into her liver. It seems that the cancer actually may have started there, and metastasized to her breasts. They are not sure where else it may be. Her hair is ½” long, and she is terribly thin now. I kept her on the phone as long as I could, reminding her of goofy things we have done in the past, making her laugh, doing what little I could to help her outlook.

I am also out of remission from the sarcoidosis. I can not walk around the house with the hand-held phone and talk without gasping for air. I can not walk a city block unless I am going very slowly. There are so many other signs and challenges that I don’t have room to name them all.

How were the two of us ever supposed to “prevent” these occurrences? In what way are my friend and myself, my sister (who also has cancer), my cousin (suffering from MS) even remotely responsible for these diseases? There is NOTHING that any of us could have done to keep these things from happening. To suggest otherwise is to kick a person while she is down.

I cannot have an MRI or a CATSCAN. I have no insurance. Even if I get insurance, none of my care will be covered as this is the infamous “pre-existing condition.”

My friend is having a difficult time getting Blue Cross/Blue Shield to cover her PETSCAN. They told her that she “just had one 7 months ago.”

Well, knock me over with a feather.

I do not care if she had one 7 seconds ago. The woman has cancer. Cancer which is spreading, or has spread from somewhere they have yet to pinpoint.

And this man has the cajones to say what he did. On national television no less.

Then we move on to the idiot from Kentucky who was going to block an extension on unemployment.

He believes that unemployment is a “dis-incentive” to find work. As if anyone can live large, or even just maintain the status quo, on approximately $12,000.00 a year. People whose unemployment benefits were about to run out, and who had still not found work, would have been without so much as the $240.00 or so check a week.

WHERE do these people get their “facts”?

See, the thing is, our president said, “You are entitled to your opinion; you are not entitled to make up your own facts”.

While the Republican Party is busy making up the truth as they go along, and confusing the public with their slight of hand, the public is missing the real truth: the Republican Party does not care about the average person. The Republican Party wants to protect their status at any cost as long as that cost is to the people and not to themselves. They do not care about you. They will never care about you. If you believe them, you are beyond the valley of the naïve. They do not want health-care reform because it affects their pocketbooks directly in as much as they will now not be on the take from the insurance companies. The insurance companies will no longer have the power to decide who gets care and how much. A situation like my friend is experiencing and which, trust and believe, you will eventually experience, will not be allowed to happen.

So ask yourself this question: why would the Republicans lie to everyone?

Then think about it a little longer.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh, my. The other day - I believe it was New Year’s Eve – One of the bigger morons in our society, Rush Limbaugh, was admitted to a hospital in Hawaii. Seems the corpulent one was suffering from “chest pains”. This can be a frightening experience for the person being admitted as well as his or her family. I know: all three of my brothers have had heart problems, some requiring operations. It is upsetting, at best. Then there is the recuperation period, and of course, all the expenses involved in the entire process, from emergency room to physical therapy. So, putting aside my feelings for this putrid excuse for a reporter (or whatever he imagines himself to be), I said a prayer for someone I find so repugnant that the mere mention of his name can wreck my day.

Turns out, it was a false alarm. So, doing what he does best – grandstanding - Mr. Limbaugh held a press conference on New Year’s Day.

And why? Because he wanted to let everyone know that there is nothing wrong with the American Health Care System.


He let us all know that the care he received was no different than the care anyone else would have received, from the 911 call on down. That he was treated very well, indeed. He received very very good care, conscientious care. The system works just fine, according to him.

I reiterate: WTF?????

Oh, Rush, Rush, Rush. Let’s review: you make millions of dollars every year. You do not have one single solitary concern about having your medical needs met, from the eyeglasses that sit on your porcine face, to the dental care and all points in between. You could have a $10,000.00 deductible and it would not faze you one bit.

It’s a shame that eyeglasses cannot sharpen the mind as well as the eyesight. If it could, you would realize what a self-serving idiot you are. You are pompous, arrogant, egotistical, and, in the deadliest combination of all, pitifully stupid. What bothers me is not that you are all these things, but that there are people who listen to you and believe that what you spew forth is truth.

You, sir, should be ashamed. But you haven’t the sense. As long as you are fine, then everyone else is, right? As long as you ha your ratings climb and you make money (which you admitted to in a recent interview), you will say anything.

So I have to ask you now: do you actually believe this, or was it just to push your agenda of padding your wallet even further?

If you had one iota of decency, you would have used the experience to re-assess your life and your priorities, as people with a real medical problem often do. You would have gone home thanking God that there was nothing wrong with you, save the obvious. You would have learned something, sir. But apparently your tiny little brain is incapable of this.

As someone who witnessed the emotional and physical and financial distress caused by being hospitalized and operated on under emergency conditions, as someone who loves her brothers dearly, your “chest pains” and the press conference you called as a result of your false alarm, offend me deeply. Every American who has lived through this, or watched a loved one live through this should be offended. Indeed, we should be outraged.

I honestly cannot decide if you are stupid or merely ignorant. But I am going with stupid and adding “self-serving” to that.

You, sir, and everyone like you, everyone who believes you, make me sick. And I would go to a doctor for a prescription to remedy this if I had health care.


Are you kidding me or what? Actual LINES for Sarah Palin and her book? Young girls being interviewed and saying that “She’s a role model for us” as if that were something of which they were proud.

A role model for what? Of what? Delusional thinking that somehow results in your being catapulted into fame, power, and wealth? It’s like the Anti-Secret.

Last year I received an e-mail from an independent cosmetics rep, stating that she was putting together a notebook of accomplished women who use that particular line of makeup. The rep thought it would be a great selling point. Ok, I can see how that might be. But then she went on to say that Palin was a great role model, a woman of accomplishment. She should be on the first page. She is intelligent, successful, blahblahblahblahblah. At this point, my vision blurred.


I could not believe what I was reading. We are talking about someone who won the governorship of Alaska on beauty pageant contestant answers.

Pageant answers are ok if one is in a pageant. Never mind the utter irrelevance of such things in this day and age. Whoop and holler all you want about the beauty pageant actually being a “scholarship” of some kind. (Put aside that Carrie Prejean believes that the past-tense of “meet” is “meeted”. Maybe these scholarships are for the sixth grade, where the rest of us learned such things as the grammatical structure of our own language.)

But Sarah Palin as a role model?????

Look, gang, this is the creep who said Obama was in cahoots with terrorists. Who shoots and kills defenseless animals for sport. Who thinks that because Russia is viewable from one of the islands that she is qualified to comment on any foreign policy? She is not pro-choice. She does not understand what Free Speech actually pertains to. She does not understand the separation of church and state. This is the woman who was instrumental in inciting ugliness and potential violence against our president. Who lied about what the Public Option meant. Who simply lies and lies and lies to the point that even her former running mate has come out publically to refute the statements in her book.

And yet people are lining up and spending the night outside of book stores for a chance to meet her.

The dumbing down of America is in full force now. It is alarming. It is frightening.
For years, the best education has gone to the elite. What I learned in high school is the equivalent of what kids are learning in college now. I see high school kids who cannot add without a calculator, who have no knowledge of American history, who don’t even know who John Kennedy was.

Ya’ think that’s an accident?

The wealthiest have enjoyed the best high schools, elementary schools. And that is the way they have wanted it.


It’s easier to keep the power that way.

As my brother Roger once said, “If you cannot think, you will not question.”

So think about that.