Thursday, November 5, 2009

Where’s A Cream Pie When You Need One?

I have a question for Liebermann, Snowe and Bonehead – I mean, Boehner…Who, exactly, do you people imagine yourselves to be? You are here to serve the people, not your own interests. You stand up and give a monologue about what the people want when you obviously haven’t a clue. People are dying and you have the nerve to hold up reform because it doesn’t serve your interests. You should be ashamed. If you had any sense of decency, if you had any sense at all, you would be. Every time I have to endure one of you holding court, I long for the late Soupy Sales to be alive and well, and in the crowd.

Olympia Snowe was pontificating about what she wanted to see, and all I could think was “Who do you think you are?” Since when do we give a crap what you think? As I just said: you are here to serve the people, not yourself, and this is what the people want. Deal with it.

As for Liebermann, he actually believes that the constituents of Connecticut are better served without a public option. He said that he could help them better without it.

Well, all righty, then, Joe! Here’s what I propose to everyone in that lovely and picturesque state:

Send Joe your medical bills. Send him each and every bill for each and every service. Surgery. Outpatient services. Cat scans. MRI’s. Emergency room. Pre-existing condition. Procedures that are considered to be merely cosmetic, such as repairing the huge scar left by skin cancer surgery. Anything not covered by your sky-high deductible. Send this man every bill you have ever received for medical care for the past year. Every last one of you.

After all, he said he would help, didn’t he?

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