Monday, January 4, 2010


Oh, my. The other day - I believe it was New Year’s Eve – One of the bigger morons in our society, Rush Limbaugh, was admitted to a hospital in Hawaii. Seems the corpulent one was suffering from “chest pains”. This can be a frightening experience for the person being admitted as well as his or her family. I know: all three of my brothers have had heart problems, some requiring operations. It is upsetting, at best. Then there is the recuperation period, and of course, all the expenses involved in the entire process, from emergency room to physical therapy. So, putting aside my feelings for this putrid excuse for a reporter (or whatever he imagines himself to be), I said a prayer for someone I find so repugnant that the mere mention of his name can wreck my day.

Turns out, it was a false alarm. So, doing what he does best – grandstanding - Mr. Limbaugh held a press conference on New Year’s Day.

And why? Because he wanted to let everyone know that there is nothing wrong with the American Health Care System.


He let us all know that the care he received was no different than the care anyone else would have received, from the 911 call on down. That he was treated very well, indeed. He received very very good care, conscientious care. The system works just fine, according to him.

I reiterate: WTF?????

Oh, Rush, Rush, Rush. Let’s review: you make millions of dollars every year. You do not have one single solitary concern about having your medical needs met, from the eyeglasses that sit on your porcine face, to the dental care and all points in between. You could have a $10,000.00 deductible and it would not faze you one bit.

It’s a shame that eyeglasses cannot sharpen the mind as well as the eyesight. If it could, you would realize what a self-serving idiot you are. You are pompous, arrogant, egotistical, and, in the deadliest combination of all, pitifully stupid. What bothers me is not that you are all these things, but that there are people who listen to you and believe that what you spew forth is truth.

You, sir, should be ashamed. But you haven’t the sense. As long as you are fine, then everyone else is, right? As long as you ha your ratings climb and you make money (which you admitted to in a recent interview), you will say anything.

So I have to ask you now: do you actually believe this, or was it just to push your agenda of padding your wallet even further?

If you had one iota of decency, you would have used the experience to re-assess your life and your priorities, as people with a real medical problem often do. You would have gone home thanking God that there was nothing wrong with you, save the obvious. You would have learned something, sir. But apparently your tiny little brain is incapable of this.

As someone who witnessed the emotional and physical and financial distress caused by being hospitalized and operated on under emergency conditions, as someone who loves her brothers dearly, your “chest pains” and the press conference you called as a result of your false alarm, offend me deeply. Every American who has lived through this, or watched a loved one live through this should be offended. Indeed, we should be outraged.

I honestly cannot decide if you are stupid or merely ignorant. But I am going with stupid and adding “self-serving” to that.

You, sir, and everyone like you, everyone who believes you, make me sick. And I would go to a doctor for a prescription to remedy this if I had health care.

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