Thursday, November 5, 2009

I, I Who Have Nothing

An Open Letter to the Republican Party and The Blue Dogs:

If this were a poker game, you guys would have to fold. Seriously. As it is, you are trying to bluff your way through. If it weren’t so infuriating, it would be laughable.

Unfortunately, the poker game is being played with peoples’ lives as the stakes.

But here’s what you’ve got, gang: nothing. You have nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The big fat zero. I reiterate: you have nothing.

When you actually have something, feel free to blither on.

You, who have your health care (including dental care and vision) taken care of for yourselves and your family at zero cost to you, have the nerve to try to block passage of the public health option. And yet, you have nothing else to offer us.

Still, today on MSNBC, an Iowa congressninny looks into the camera and tells the viewers that “85% of the people do not want a public health option”. Which 85% are we talking about? 85% of his Republican friends? 85% of the wealthiest of Americans? It sure ain’t 85% of anyone around here, bub!

This man actually said that everyone needs to show up at the West Wing and let Washington know that “we do not want the government controlling our health care”.

So, ok, goodbye Medicare, then. Because that is what would happen if that sentiment were applied across the board.

I wonder how this dunderhead would feel were one of us to stand in front of him with our arm around his mother’s shoulders and say that we were fighting to repeal Medicare. Good luck, Mom!

The stupidity of anyone confusing socialized medicine with actual socialism is almost understandable from anyone except a senator or congressperson. Didn’t they study civics, government, or anything at all pertaining to that? This is stuff that was basic in high school! Hell, government was taught in my school in the fifth grade! Civics was part of the ninth grade curriculum. U.S. History, in the 11th grade. I did not finish college, yet I remember what I was taught.

As I said before, I have no medical benefits of any sort due to the Cobra debacle. Even if this weren’t the case, and I had merely changed jobs, I would have no way of getting the cat scans, blood-work, and follow-up visits to the specialists that are required every 6 months because of my “pre-existing condition”. And again, as I have said before, there are thousands of people just like me. Thousands of people have conditions that continue to worsen because they cannot afford the tests, the office visits. . Thousands of people who are having trouble paying the electric bill or getting heating oil are being harassed by collection companies acting on behalf of hospitals and doctors’ offices, should those people be fortunate enough to find a doctor or hospital who will take them. Imagine how that feels. These people could lose their homes. And that would be the least of their problems. Thousands of people are dying, as I write this.

Still, the Republicans and the Blue Dogs continue to block the public health option, continue to misinform the public, lie to the public to further their own selfish agenda. If these clowns were in the shoes of anyone who does not have health care and who has a chronic illness, or who discovers during a routine exam that something seems wrong and requires tests, x-rays, biopsies or invasive surgery, and had to also somehow manager their day to day bills, they would run screaming from the room. It is harder to do without if you are accustomed to having than to do without when that has been your daily experience for years.
Yes, we the people do need to make our voices heard. We do need to show up at the West Wing. But we need to do so in order to shout down the bastards who are afraid of losing their self-appointed superior status, and get this bill passed.

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