Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Really IS a Big Fat Idiot

He is also treasonous. What would have happened to any of us during the Bush/Cheney years had we said even half of the things that this porcine creep spews out on the air? It makes me physically ill to hear, much less look at him. Unfortunately, I can’t always avoid it, try though I may.

He hopes Obama fails. He repeatedly refers to him as Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and emphasizes the middle name, thus revealing his deep-seated prejudice and bigotry. He rejoiced in the United States not getting the Olympics venue. Now he finds fault with our President being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

I have seldom seen such a lack of patriotism in any one. Ever. Yet he and his fellow tea-baggers, deathers and birthers will tell you they are the real patriots. They are not. They are committing treason with every idiotic utterance, with every sign they carry – a patriot does not want to see his country fail, or his president fail. Even with the disgust I felt toward W, I wanted him to succeed, to do well, to prove me wrong. If he did well, my country did well, and that is what a true patriot wants.

I love my country. It is the best on the planet. There are some very real problems that need to be addressed and fixed. And the reason I and my friends and acquaintances want to see this? I refer you back to my first sentence in this paragraph. Because I love my country.

When I first heard Tubbo mocking Obama in a sing-song voice, “Barack HUSSEIN Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm” – it was as though I were listening to a sixth-grade bully taunting someone whom he knows to be somehow better than he is. For that is what all bullies do, how they all operate – out of fear that they are somehow going to be overlooked because they are somehow inferior. That is their own self-esteem issue, and there are psychologists to help with this. Never the less, it still made me sick to hear it. What an immature, vicious, ugly way to be. But this is all he knows. Ugly is as ugly does.

Even the Nobel Peace Prize is fodder for mocking the President. I promise you, if Jesus himself came down from the Heavens and declared on NBC that Obama was his pick for the Nobel Prize, Fatso would find fault with it; Rush would say, “Obama caused Jesus to abandon the recently departed who need his guidance.”

The other day, I caught an interview in which Limbaugh said, basically, that he would say and do anything for ratings, and for money. (Apparently food is also high on the list, although it wasn’t mentioned.) What does this tell you? What do his rabid followers make of this? Did they miss that he is saying that he is a whore? That he is selling out all of his delusional, lemming-like fans? (My apologies to lemmings everywhere). If he truly is saying anything for money and ratings, then he needs to be re-defined as a satirist, although satirists are possessed of a certain intelligence the he seems to lack. The only saving grace I saw and heard was when he said that the Republican Party should not be listening to him, using him as a spokesperson, or authority figure.

Neither should any one else.

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